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Investment & Loans Management

A software system designed by Binary Stream Software for finance & insurance companies.
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Maximize Your Investment Efforts

Investments & Loans Management brings you the ability to effectively manage your investment portfolios, lending practices and fund investors all within one fully integrated system. Aligning closely with Microsoft Dynamics GP workflows, this solution streamlines the back-office transaction processing of investment, loans and fund investor management. With detailed information tracking, you can enhance your reporting to achieve a comprehensive view of your investing and financial service activities.

Manage Your Investments

Simplify your investment accounting, relating to internal portfolio management and treasury management. Automate back-end journal entry creation and streamline posting to the AR, AP and GL accounts for transactions relating to your investments. Gain a complete picture of your financial position including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, LLC’s, partnerships, loans and other investment assets.

Manage Your Fund Investor Relationships

Investments & Loans Management enables you to provide financial services from your organization to fund investors. Gain the ability to track investors, broker relationships and fund owner activities directly within one consolidated financial management system. Save time processing capital calls, managing investor distributions and communicating with your clients to maximize your effectiveness and profitability from investor activities.

Manage Your Loan Offerings & Borrowers

Streamline your lending practices with Investments & Loans Management. Flexibly manage a variety of loan structures, including investment loans, financing loans and employee loans. Efficiently bill, track and process transactions relating to loans directly within Microsoft Dynamics GP to save employee time. Use the reporting tools to stay on top of loan payments and actively track arrears.

Features & Benefits

Efficiently Manage Your Investment Portfolio

  • Manage interest and non-interest bearing investments
  • Automate journal entry creation for investment transactions
  • Re-evaluate investments to show and track realized/unrealized gains and losses
  • Track cash flow income and forecast future revenues from interest bearing investments

Maximize Fund Management Efficiency

  • Efficiently manage distributions/disbursements
  • Create many types of investment opportunities
  • Set-up liquidation periods
  • Automate Capital Call Processing and Investor Notifications
  • Track Market Value for Funds and Investments
  • Document Return on Investments for investors

Increase Accounting Efficiency

  • Automate back-end processing for various investment processes
  • Streamline Broker & Commissions Management
  • Simplify Investment Deposit Processing
  • Trace investment expenses
  • Multi-Entity Accounting integrations available
  • Mass Emailing Utility

Improve Investment Reporting

  • Include equities, bonds, debentures, mutual funds, loans and many other investment assets in reports
  • Detail Audit Trails of all Investment Activities
  • For investors:
    • K-1, IRA, FEIN Reports
    • Global Economic Tracking and Processing of Funds in Multiple Currencies
    • Generate various investment reports by investment offering
  • Extensive Filtering Capabilities
  • Export to Excel from all Inquiries

Strengthen Investor Relations

  • Comprehensive investor management
  • Facilitate transfers to family members
  • Investor grouping capabilities
  • Track multiple investment contacts

Streamline Loans Administration

  • Automatically post AR documents
  • Mass-apply payments to AR documents
  • Mass create and automatically post cash receipts
  • Calculate scheduled payments with standard straight-line interest or the Rule of 78
  • Flexible billing frequencies
  • Enhanced amortization options

Improve Payment Collections Turnover

  • Actively Manage Borrower Relationships
  • Easily track arrears via inquiries with Excel exports
  • Streamline email communications with templates and mass mailing options
  • Automatic payroll deduction for employee loans
  • Flexible payment status reports

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