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Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals

A software system designed by Binary Stream Software.
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Simple, Easy to Use and Flexible Revenue Recognition within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals provides Microsoft Dynamics GP users the ability to define revenue and expense recognition per item. This depth gives you the control required to significantly increase revenue and expense recognition efficiency. By helping you comply with various accounting standards for projects, subscriptions or service contracts, you can streamline your auditing processes. Well suited for professional service companies and subscription providers, improved forecasting and enhanced real-time data gives your team what you need to maximize margins and improve accounting productivity.

Delay Revenue & Expenses throughout the Life of a Project

For organizations who desire to delay revenue or expense recognition throughout the life of a project or contract, the Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals allows you to defer revenues, expenses, and related credit memos on a line item basis within Microsoft Dynamics GP’s SOP and POP transactions. This new functionality gives you a great deal of flexibility in terms of creating and altering complex deferral schedules within Microsoft Dynamics GP, including mass modification of journal entries and journal entry adjustments. The Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals can dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to process deferrals.

More than Microsoft Dynamics GP Deferrals

While Microsoft Dynamics GP does offer you the ability to create deferrals, Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals offers a significant amount of functionality through added control of your revenue and expense recognition schedules on a line item basis. From adding password protection on deferrals to the mass editing capabilities of multiple deferral schedules, Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals finally embodies a comprehensive and robust enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Fully Integrated, Dexterity based

Binary Stream`s Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals is the only available deferral solution that is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Written in Dexterity, the programming language of Microsoft Dynamics GP, this solution is integrated with the SOP and POP modules. This offers you several benefits including an unlimited number of reports, and strong and deep financials available within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Features & Benefits

Increase Accounting Productivity

  • Mass deferral schedule processing
  • Quick deferral schedule creation with Templates on the Fly
  • View and edit deferral schedules anytime
  • Efficient journal entry posting engine
  • Export data to Excel from all list views
  • Link to recurring contract billing schedules with the Advanced Recurring Contract Billing

Significant Cost Savings

  • Accurate revenue and expense allocations
  • Reduce taxes due to improved accuracy
  • Increased accounting productivity
  • Improved employee utilization

Improve Financial Reporting Accuracy

  • Defer revenues and expenses by the line item
  • Easily prorate deferrals
  • Apply Credit Memos to deferral schedules
  • Separately track contract information and deferral schedules
  • Account for non-inventory deferral items

Control Deferred Revenue and Expense Schedules

  • Setup deferred revenue & expense accounts by customer, item and vendor
  • Enforce password protection for deferral schedule changes
  • Track contract information separately from deferral schedules

Empower Financial Decision Making

  • Easily forecast revenue/expense recognition
  • Various inquiries available for
  • Audit Trails
  • Recognition Analysis
  • Recognition Schedules

Increase Shareholder Satisfaction and Credit Ratings

  • Improve accurate forecasting of future earnings
  • Enhance the accuracy of financial reporting
  • Improve workforce efficiency

Minimize Journal Entry Errors

  • Easily view and edit deferral schedules
  • Enforce password protection for deferral schedule changes
  • Change deferral schedule start dates
  • Make updates with the Recalculate Utility

Streamline Deferral Adjustments/Roll-Backs

  • View and edit deferral schedules anytime
  • Apply Credit Memos to deferral schedules

Comply with Accounting Standards & Regulations

  • Recognize revenue as services are rendered
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) compliance
  • Align with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Complies with SOP 97-2 rule
  • Aligns with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) position No. 97-2

Binary Stream Product Integrations

  • Integration to Multi-Entity Management
  • Integration to the Advanced Recurring Contract Billing

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