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Sorting Paper Bills is Not Strategic – That’s why we built BillZap.

How it Works:

Turning the Paper Off

BillZap invites your vendors to turn off the paper by enabling them to send you electronic invoices that you receive and process directly on the BillZap platform. You gain instant visibility and control over your bills, as well as a centralized platform to communicate and collaborate with your vendors.

Digitizing the Leftover Paper

Some of your vendors will prefer to send you paper bills. We zap the paper by scanning it and extracting the data using optical character recognition technology. You receive images and data directly on the BillZap platform instead of paper on your desk.


Processing a paper bill costs you between $10 – $15 dollars. The cost of processing an electronic bill is less than $2.00. A no brainer, indeed


Paper bills cause problems. They are hard to keep track of and a pain to process. E-bills are accessible on-demand from any mobile device and archived into perpetuity so you always know where to find them.


Your employees will love you for eliminating mail processing. They’ll be able to do twice as much work in half as much time and focus on strategic initiatives like measuring performance, building relationships with vendors, and contributing to your organization’s bottom-line.

Peace of Mind

BillZap captures, documents and organizes every bill from every vendor so that you know exactly what you owe at any time.