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BI-Metrix delivers integrated Business Intelligence solutions to small and mid-sized enterprises (SME’s). Its ease of use and minimal IT involvement provide the benefits of rapid implementation and a lower total cost of ownership. With direct integration to your Enterprise, Reporting and Planning (ERP) system, our solution leverages your organization’s investment in your account structures, metadata and security. Our software delivers a powerful analysis, reporting and planning solution that is directly integrated with your ERP data thereby ensuring a “single version of the truth”.

With a combined 30 years of Business Intelligence (BI), On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Business Performance Management (BPM) experience, BI-Metrix founders and employees have demonstrated software excellence, innovation, vision and an understanding of business requirements. With a rare blend of technical skills and business knowledge BIM’s founders, consultants and developers have designed and implemented sophisticated analytical, reporting and planning applications for large companies such as Manulife, CIBC, BMO, Microsoft and ING. Market demand is forcing the need for BI tools down into small and mid-sized enterprises. BI providers, however, continue to provide expensive and complicated BI solutions that are targeted at large corporations. Confined to their ERP tools, SME’s are significantly hampered in their ability to deliver in-depth analysis and reporting of their trusted ERP data and are generally relying on static reports that offer very little insight into behaviors and trends of their business data.

BI-Metrix is committed to creating, delivering and supporting innovative BI solutions that enable SME’s around the world to manage with greater knowledge, insight and confidence. We strive to address the fundamental needs that SME’s face when it comes to analytics and reporting:

  • The need for better information of the type provided by BI tools;
  • The need to present this information quickly and in an easily-understood format;
  • The need to leverage existing technology and to find cost-effective easy-to-use BI solutions that integrate with Microsoft Office Suite;
  • The need for BI solutions to be designed and maintained by business users without requiring extensive programming skills or a dedicated IT department;
  • The need for decision makers and users of information to have remote access to vital business information.

BI-Metrix platform delivers these capabilities with a low total cost of ownership, a high return on investment, and a fast time to deployment—while serving as the foundation for a world-class BI ecosystem.

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