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Beyond Software

A full ERP system designed by Beyond Software.
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Beyond Software’s powerful, web based project accounting and management software is designed for project-oriented organizations, facilitating your organization’s ability to manage and execute around your projects. The software enables companies to be more profitable by increasing visibility into projects, creating accountability within the projects, and improving cash flow through faster and more accurate invoicing and expense management. Beyond Software contains a flexible suite of powerful modules:

  • Project Accounting/Management: allows you to set up an unlimited number of projects, manage your resources and track all aspects of costs versus revenue so you can proactively analyze and manage your projects profitability.
  • Business Intelligence Reports, Consoles and Dashboards: allow you to quickly and easily conduct powerful self-service analysis with a flexible analytics solution. The enhanced reporting and consoles deliver relevant insight into your projects and financials with the option to export the date to Excel of Power BI for further analysis.
  • Financials Management: allows you to automate the tasks related to bank reconciliation, automate your payables and receivables management, manage cash, increase financial control, record and analyze your financial information.
  • Time and Expense: allows employees to easily record their time down to the task level on projects, giving you visibility into their work, while improving cash flow and billing cycle times. Employees are able to submit expenses while away from the office, streamlining employee reimbursement.
  • Document Management: allows you to attach related or supporting contracts, documents and files from other programs (such as Microsoft Word or Excel). You can also attach a web address (URL) to a record in order to provide access to information available on the internet/SharePoint etc.

These modules enable your organization to connect your project and financial accounting to provide insight across your entire organization so projects are delivered on time and on budget, allowing you to maximize the profitability of each project.

Popular Functionality Modules

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