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Better Idea Group

A developer of business management software.

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The Better Idea Group (BIG) is an accounting software firm with a focus on accounting solutions for small and medium size companies.

Better Idea Group, formed in 1998, works collaboratively with customers to implement cost-effective solutions by using Agile Software Development techniques. Our customers tell us our short, optional scope contracts help align the interests of our organizations since they allow us to focus on short term wins while providing an incentive to continually impress our clients.

Rather than taking the quickest dirtiest route to satisfy a fixed bid contract, we define a limited scope project that adds immediate value but pushes us to look long term at a clients needs. This is so appreciated by our clients that nearly every customer who has initiated a project with us has called us back for additional projects later. Ask us for a reference to get started on your project today.

We’ve had experience supporting Banking, Professional Employer Organization, Retail Chain operations, and Franchise accounting companies.

We’ve also had experience working with General Ledger and Consolidations, Collections, Revenue Recognition, Accounts Payable and reimbursement, Contra Accounts Payable situations, Inventory Accounting, and Fixed Assets applications.

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    A multi-module management system designed by Better Idea Group.

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