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ProDealer Software

A full ERP system designed by Best Computer Solutions.
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Our computer and telecommunication reseller customers have given us their unique requirements. And today, those needs are integrated into one product - ProDealer. At the core of ProDealer is a powerful financial and inventory platform developed by Appgen.

Special Industry Needs + APPGEN = ProDealer

There is no need to go through extensive customization of general applications. We strive to make ProDealer as close to an “out of the box” software solution for your equipment reseller business as any other product on the market today.

Information is your Competitive Advantage today. ProDealer is organized to quickly make critical information available - to help you make the difference.

ProDealer accurately tracks all products and components in your buy and sell cycle. Equipment availability, specific component margin data, purchase information, customer sales history or other data needed to run your business is quickly at your fingertips.

ProDealer contains essential information needed to manage an equipment resale organization. For example, extensive information is tracked on each Inventory item - in both our Current and History databases, including:

  • Breakdown List
  • Buyer
  • Buildup List
  • Customer
  • Current Cost
  • Date Received
  • Item Code
  • Invoice
  • Invoice Date
  • Item Notes
  • Long Description
  • Margin
  • Model Number
  • Original Buyer
  • Original Cost
  • Parts List
  • Purchase Order
  • RMA History
  • Sales Commissions
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Rep Data
  • Selling Price
  • Serial Number
  • Short Description
  • Status
  • Stock Location
  • Tracking Number
  • Vendor
  • Warehouse
  • Work Order

ProDealer provides the capabilities to control your unique equipment resale business. With our customization programming expertee, along with our ODBC link to other applications, ProDealer will become the central control center for your entire business.

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