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Best Computer Solutions (BCS) specializes in providing industry focused computing solutions to small and mid-sized equipment reseller businesses. BCS develops, markets and supports ProDealer to meet the special needs of the Equipment Reseller Industry. At the core of ProDealer is a powerful, award winning financial and inventory platform called Custom Suite from Appgen Business Software. ProDealer builds upon this foundation and encompasses a complete technology solution for your business — including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Inventory Control, Barcoding, Billing, Easy Query, Payroll Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing and ODBC.

ProDealer Software

Business efficiency, quality and profitability can be significantly impacted by your choice of software technology. With ProDealer, there is no need to go through extensive modifications of generalized software applications. Since our customers are Equipment Resellers and Dealers of used and new products, our software delivers specific solutions for the management of their sales, inventory, commissions and company financials.

ProDealer has many features unique to this industry, including:

  • Flexible serialized item tracking with item specific history inquiry
  • Integrated parts tracking and item breakdown/buildup
  • Sales Representative performance and commission tracking and reporting
  • Interoffice net margin tracking between Sales Representatives
  • Industry specific documents on demand
  • Integrated RMA process
  • Expanded Service Module (In development)
  • Data exchange with a Shipping interface to FedEx, UPS, Airborne, USPS and others (In development)
  • Business efficiency and increased quality with bar code and wireless technology (In final development)

Any business that buys, sells, services, refurbishes and stocks new and used equipment, especially equipment and items that are serialized with components, features and parts, will benefit from ProDealer.

APPGEN Business Systems

APPGEN is a powerful, integrated, client-server based high-end Business Management Software application that provides integrated software solutions for a broad range of businesses in the distribution and manufacturing industries. APPGEN is truly a multi-platform product on both the server and client components of a computing system. The system provides integrated accounting, billing, payable, inventory and order entry processing.

ProDealer Support from Best Computer Solutions

Support, service and customer satisfaction is extremely important to all of us at BCS. Our support staff of knowledgeable, experienced people care about system and end user support of your software and computing environment. Our focus is helping businesses make their operations efficient, effective and profitable. We provide a complete range of planning, implementation, data conversion, customized programming, customer setup, installation and training services. BCS employees have been involved in numerous successful software system implementations. Financial and operations planning, bookkeeping, business strategizing and consulting services are also available for businesses wanting to utilize their computing solutions to the fullest.

BCS provides a complete Software Support & Maintenance service that gives unlimited support calls to our technical support group, product revisions issued every 3-4 months that incorporate new industry unique company and user requirements, and substantial discounts on major product upgrades.

ProDealer Customers

Today, BCS’s customer base is primarily comprised of computer and telecommunication equipment resellers throughout the US. These organizations have found that ProDealer offers a complete integrated solution for their business processing needs. New ProDealer customers will include Medical Equipment resale organizations.

As a single highly integrated system, ProDealer can reduce headcount, increase quality, decrease errors and let you control your business profitably.

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