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BellHawk Systems

A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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BellHawk Systems provides inventory & production tracking and materials traceability systems for manufacturers and food processors. These systems can be run stand alone or can automatically exchange data with a wide range of ERP and accounting systems.

BellHawk systems quickly pay for themselves by replacing the use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry for data collection with the use of barcode and mobile data collection technology. The labor savings that result can often pay for a BellHawk system in 6 months or less.

BellHawk systems also provide real-time point-of-action warnings when operators are about to make a mistake, such as using the wrong materials. This can prevent many costly mistakes.

BellHawk places special emphasis on lot and serial number and expiration date tracking. It also builds a materials traceability database that can be used for defect tracking and recall minimization. This enables compliance with the material tracking and traceability requirements of agencies and regulations such as ISO, API, FDA, USDA, FSMA, HACCP and SQFI.

BellHawk provides integrated solutions comprised of software modules plus optional barcode and mobile data collection equipment. BellHawk Systems also provides a wide range of support services to ensure that its customers are able to quickly get their tracking systems operational at minimum cost.

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  • BellHawk

    An ERP system designed by BellHawk Systems for manufacturing companies.

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