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Bellamy’s Utility Billing application provides complete automated workflow for metered and flat rate utility billing - including deregulated markets such as electricity

Manage your full suite of utility services:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Gas
  • Solid waste & recycling
  • Any other miscellaneous charges

The flexibility of the application allows functions to be tailored to meet business and operational requirements. The Utility Billing system streamlines processes by automating tasks such as customer and location maintenance, bill processing, delinquencies, penalties, refunds, and meter maintenance. The Utility Billing system is fully integrated with other Bellamy software applications to provide a completely automated utility solution.

System Highlights

  • Unlimited Services Per Customer
  • Budget Payments
  • Meter Change Program
  • Multiple Billing Cycles
  • Initial and Final Bills
  • Work Orders
  • Historical Account Information
  • Credit Information
  • Miscellaneous Charges
  • User-Defined Penalty Options
  • Powerful Inquires with Access to Actual and Budget Information
  • Meter Inventory
  • User-Defined Bill Messaging
  • Custom Letter Generator
  • Notes Capability
  • User-Defined Pro-Ration of Charges
  • Direct Debit Payment
  • Automatic Generation of Credit Refunds
  • Purge Transaction History and Customer Master Information
  • Recalculate Bills for Cycle or Single Customer

System Details

  • Penalty Processing – user-defined with multiple calculation methods
  • Meter Reading Interaction – works with meter reading hand-held devices
  • Deposit Processing – ability to apply to final bill, calculate deposit interest, and allow multiple deposits per account
  • Refund Processing – ability to transfer customer credit balance to Accounts Payable subsystem
  • Winter Averaging – calculate average consumption over a specified time for billing purposes
  • Budget Billing – ability to budget service charges based on previous history for a specific period
  • Automatic Posting to General Ledger – post all financial transactions to the General Ledger
  • Exception or Cycle Billing – bill all accounts in a cycle, or bill only final accounts
  • Multiple Rate Charge Types – flat service, unit usage, meter consumption, and meter consumption with pressure factor
  • User-Defined Rate Codes – ability to control prorate factor, define penalties, define taxes, calculate a rate change during billing cycles, establish maximum and minimum billing accounts
  • Computer Estimation – user-defined number of cycles, monthly adjustment factors, and previous customer history
  • Work Order Processing – process connects, disconnects, and service works orders with reporting and inquiry capability
  • Invoice Entry – normal invoices, adjustment invoices, bill calculations, deposit, and invoice cancellation
  • Meter Reading Inputs – estimates, meter book entry, and meter reading devices
  • Inquires – multiple customer views including consumption/charges, work order, financial, budget, meter change history, notes, credit information, and online service calculations

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Utility Billing Software:

"Utility Billing Software" is part of the Utilities Software line of products, developed by Bellamy Software.