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Bellamy Software’s Cash Receipts application offers accurate control over all payment and deposit transactions. Cash Receipts works independently or with other Bellamy software applications as centralized cash receiving system. When payments are posted, Cash Receipts distributes the payment information to the appropriate sub-ledgers and the General Ledger. Transactions are stored online, offering immediate inquiry and reporting capabilities.

System Highlights

  • Provides Centralized Collections
  • Tracks All Entered Payments, Including Voided Receipts
  • Generates Daily Deposit and Cash Drawer Balancing Reports
  • Calculate Taxes
  • Prints Receipts
  • Generates a Variety of Reports
  • Process Post-Dated Checks
  • View Transactions in Cash Receipts Inquiry or General Ledger Inquiry
  • View Pending Transactions
  • Online Payment Information
  • User-Defined Receipts Codes
  • Notes Capability
  • Custom Form Capability

System Details

  • Centralized Cash Collection – collect all methods of payment at a single location.
  • Flexible Payment Entry – enter one or more transactions per receipt and accept multiple methods of payments.
  • Multiple Copies of Receipts – print multiple copies of receipts on demand. Also, reprint receipts on demand, even after the payments is posted.
  • Customer Information Access – allow inquires into customer accounts during payment entry, automatically retrieve current balance information, and display pending transactions for customer accounts.
  • User-Defined Payment Types – identify different types of payments received, control payment entry fields displayed, and determine the applications for payment posting.
  • Cash Drawer Balancing – print a detailed cash reconciliation edit listing to balance daily receipts.
  • Online Verifications of All Information – verify information during payment entry, including account information, batch dates, and payment accounts.
  • Bar Code Readers and Scanners – input bill and payment information quickly and easily. (Requires additional hardware and software)
  • Revenue Distribution – generate, print, and post journal entries to the General Ledger when payments are posted.
  • Online Payment History – store all payments detail online until purged by user.
  • Audit Trail – assign a receipt number to every transaction, even voided payments, and store the receipt numbers, permanently in payment history.
  • User-Detailed Information – tailor information and processes.
  • Tender Methods – track methods of payment by batch.
  • Purge Procedure – purge transaction history based on user-defined criteria.
  • Rapid Information Access – provide an immediate interface to other Bellamy software applications to display customer accounts.
  • Payment Comments – allow entry of one line of payment comments for each transaction and an unlimited number of free-from text lines for each receipt.
  • Automatic Posting to General Ledger – post all financial transaction and an unlimited number of free-form text lines for each receipt.
  • Detailed Reporting – generate payment history reports on demand and automatically generate audit trail reports when transactions are processed.
  • Comprehensive Reports – receipt edit list, bank deposit list, receipt code summary, and subsystem reporting.
  • Inquiries – receipt detail by receipt number, date, or name; full detail of accounts paid with reprint capability.
  • Security – customize all menus to include only those options required by each user.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Cash Receipts:

"Cash Receipts" is part of the Municipal Finance Software line of products, developed by Bellamy Software.