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Bean Cruncher

A developer of business management software designed for freelancers.

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At Bean Cruncher our goal is to deliver a powerful, feature rich accounting solution at a reasonable price. By stripping away the complexities and extensive setup requirements of many traditional accounting packages, Bean Cruncher achieves the impossible - an accounting software that is actually intuitive, easy to use, sets up in just minutes, and works on everything.

The principle architect of Bean Cruncher, Simon Shaw, is a Chartered Accountant turned IT pro. After years of implementing ERP systems and writing custom integration programmes for companies ranging from fortune 500 to local family-run businesses, Simon became frustrated with the cumbersome complexities of the products he sold and supported. After leaving the software implementation business, Simon began building a number of online apps. With a number of successful custom solutions created, Simon felt it was time to follow his passion and create an online accounting solution that was both affordable and powerful. Hence Bean Cruncher was born.

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