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Planning Board Use the Production Schedule Board to review your production plan in Gantt chart format and manage Batches for all warehouses or a selected warehouse. The Production Schedule Board can display the schedule by Months, Weeks, or Days.

  • Expand individual Batches to display the specific work center schedule
  • The user can drill down to the Work Center Scheduling Board from the selected work center
  • Work Center statuses are color coded for progress
  • Red indicates that a work center operation is late and has a Scheduled End date or time that is before the current date and time and either no work or partial work has been completed
  • Blue indicates the work center operation has not been started or is on time
  • Gray (shaded) dates are non-working days as determined by the Company Calendar
  • Black bar is the progress indicator that measures time issued to a work center compared to estimated time
  • The user can reschedule a work center or batch by clicking, holding, dragging, and dropping it to the new date and time

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