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This module provides the ability to add a routing to an Item that will be utilized by Batches and the planning functionality. Routings allow the user to define a specific sequence of work centers that are utilized in the manufacturing process. These work centers will track estimated and actual manufacturing times and costs. The system will provide a new transaction called Labor Transaction to facilitate the entry of labor and machine hours as well as completed quantities. There will also be several setup maintenance forms for machines, work centers, shifts, and employees.

  • Work Center maintenance form
  • Shift Master maintenance form
  • The BOM Entry form has a tab for setting a routing for a BOM. The Status of the routing will be determined by the status of the BOM
  • The Batch Ticket form has a tab routing to manage the item routings
  • Labor/machine transactions to allow users to record time and completed quantities against a batch
  • Scheduling logic
  • Authorizations
  • WC Capacity reports
  • Employee Schedule Generation
  • Employee weekly schedule
  • Dispatch Report
  • Work Center scheduling board

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