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BatchMaster ERP Bin Management provides the ability to manage SAP Business One inventory at the bin level as opposed to the more generic warehouse level. This functionality allows the user to maintain bins for specific warehouses, select specific bins for inventory transactions, move inventory between bins, and have inventory reporting to the bin level.

  • Added table to track bin level inventory, by item, by warehouse, by bin, by lot, by container Inventory Put-aways form handles Bin Numbers
  • Formatted searches to allow the user to select a Bin Number
  • Warehouse Detail report
  • Business logic to ensure SAP Business One inventory transactions containing bin level information is accurately selected and quantities exist in those bins
  • MRP and MPS honor bin types for aggregate quantities. Bins that are set to Quarantine will not have their quantities included in the planning runs available inventory quantity
  • Ability to handle sub-lot (containers) for a lot. Able to enter containers on the bin selection form
  • The ability to designate a Vendor Lot number and an Expiration Date for a lot
  • Track serial numbers to the bin level
  • Inspection required settings for purchase receipts and production receipts
  • Lot inventory policies of FIFO, FEFO, and LIFO
  • Storage conditions for bins and items
  • Lot receipt warnings for older lots and duplicate lots
  • Lot label options will be displayed when transactions are performed for Lot tracked items
  • Filters for expired lots for issue transactions

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