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BatchMaster ERP provides comprehensive formulation management with version tracking and rollback capabilities. BatchMaster ERP is formula and not BOM based.

  • Formula approval process to validate changes
  • In-process Quality Control tests assigned
  • Version control with roll-back
  • Formulas are fully scalable
  • Materials can be measured in any defined unit of measure
  • Multilevel formulas
  • Easy material substitutions
  • Production yields can be assigned to any formula
  • Ingredients added by prescribed proportions measured by either volume or weight

Bill of Materials

  • This module provides the ability to manage a finished good item’s packaging bill of material.
  • Bill of Material Entry
  • In process QC tests
  • Incorporated Routing
  • Fill Level in specific Unit of Measure beyond system weight or system volume
  • Routing functionality identical to Formula routing functionality,boilerplate and text rows
  • Container BOM type, container that can be filled by any formula based on the capacity defined
  • Formula approval process will be applied to BOM structures
  • Phantom BOM’s may be supported
  • Supports disassembly BOM’s
  • Percentage allocation of raw materials to specific by-products/co-products
  • Indented Bill of Material Report
  • Copy Bill of Material Utility
  • Bill of Materials has its own top-level menu

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"Formulas and Bill-of-Materials" is part of the BatchMaster ERP with SAP Business One line of products, developed by BatchMaster Software.

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