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The Customer Module consists of the customer search screen, the general information screen, the order history screen, and the contact history screen.

  • Customer Search - The customer search allows you to search the customer database by first or last name, email, state, and zip code. You are also able to sort searches by any field or utilize the included advanced search capabilities.
  • General Information - This screen will allow you to view all of an individual customers information. This product will show you customer names addresses and additional information. Furthermore, you can view a map with door-to-door directions from the place your gift basket is being sent from, to a customers house.
  • Order History - The Order History screen allows you to view a complete history of each customers purchase. Additionally, you can analyze buying patterns on a whole and see who is buying what and when. This marketing tool can gather and report on data that would take hours upon hours to gather otherwise.
  • Contact History - The contact history screen will allow you to document all methods of contact with a customer; be they e-mail, marketing campaigns, brochures, catalogs, cold calls, etc.) This screen will let you know which marketing method is the most effective for your customers. Additionally, this screen allows you to track customer comments, suggestions, problems and returns.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Customer Module:

"Customer Module" is part of the BaskWare line of products, developed by BaskWare.