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Praesto AE

A multi‑module management system designed by Base Builders for engineering and professional services companies.
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Praesto AE (Architects and Engineers) is a unique product created by and for architects and engineers.

Praesto id designed with you in mind with it’s main mission being to help you be more efficient and increase your profits. It’s second mission is to make project documentation and historical data retrieval simple and useful for your business.

Presto integrates your proposals, projects, tasks, milestones, time slips, document,s invoicing, resource management, CA logs and more into a single solution. This integration means you have real time data about project status, employee efficiency and many other functions.

Praesto integrates with Quickbooks by pushing data like clients, projects invoices and time slips into Quickbooks. It also pulls data from Quickboks so fi you already have clients in Quickbooks you can import that data directly into Praesto without the need to retype data.

Functionality Modules

Project Management Praesto is primarily a project management tool to help improve the profitability of your business. You can create tracking fields to organize your work, search and sort on…

Fees & Invoicing Some of the features available with Praesto are: Report project Fnancials by client, staff, project type, etc. Track open invoices Analyze proftability Forecast future…

Time Tracking Some of the features avaialble with the time tracking portion of Praestro include: Monitor budgets vs actual hours Track billable and non-billable activities Report time by…

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