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Our timesheet module allows you to digitize the entire process of submitting, approving, taxing and invoicing timesheets. Employees and partners can simply submit their timesheets on the web. Having a clear, aligned account of all employee hours, leave and sick days allows for a clearer view of the costs and ensures that you can charge all the hours in the right way. Per project or per project task you can determine who is authorized to put down their hours and at what rate these will charged.

Key Features:

Automatic Generation: Timesheets are automatically generated for everyone each week. Each person has an individual timesheet, containing only those tasks for the relevant individual or organization is authorized to put down hours.

Submit Online: Everyone can submit their timesheets online and will receive an automatic reminder to do so. Upon submission, checks are carried out to verify the total numbers of hours per week.

Evaluation: You can decide how timesheets ought to be approved, e.g. first by various project managers and subsequently by the department head.

Budget: Following the approval of the timesheets, the hours are written into the budget as costs and turnover. The projection of the total costs and turnover is updated based on the rate of progress and on the productive hours.

Invoicing: Invoices can be automatically generated once timesheets have been approved. They can be generated on a productive hours basis, or, in the case of fixed price projects, based on the rate of progress.

Project Planning: You can make an initial estimate of the number of hours required per project task, allowing for a projection of turnover and costs and systematic improvement of project planning by comparing projection to actual productive hours.