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Whenever you need to make a decision regarding investments in properties, personnel or resources, you’ll want to compare a variety of scenarios before taking action. This module helps you do just that. You will be able to take into account the projected costs of maintenance, personnel, taxes, interest rates and energy. You may also have to take into account income from spaces let out or for services provided. Our module will take into account indexing, growth and occupancy rates. Our strategic planning module allows you to generate alternatives quickly and to have a clear annual overview of costs, profits and cash flow.

Key Features:

Periodic Spending: Periodic expenditure, for example, for multiyear maintenance or energy can be listed in a table You will be able to list an indexing rate and make any changes to the date or costs with a certain period.

Periodic Turnover: You can indicate a growth rate for income per period, e.g. the amount of rent income will depend on the projected occupancy rate in the various periods.

Investments: Investments affect operational results due to interest rates. You can analyse the effects on cash flows in order to determine whether external financing is required.

Financial Reports: After you have filled in the tables with periodic income and expenses, you will be able to review various reports that examine costs, profits, results and cash flow per period.

Maintenance Planning Integration: In Axxerion the planning module has been integrated with the multiyear maintenance planning aspect. This allows for costs based on periodic maintenance schedules to be included in maintenance plans.

Alternatives: You will be able to generate various alternatives using the periodic income and expenses tables. Certain tables can also be linked to multiple alternatives.