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Properties are the largest area of expenditure for an organization, second only to personnel. Axxerion’s property management module enables you to keep track of not only your own properties but of rented properties. This highly extensive module over the years has grown into a comprehensive real estate management system, providing the possibility for users to add new spaces and to assign inventory and persons to those spaces. This way you’re able to locate free space, its layout; and you’ll be able to calculate the costs per department. You’ll also be able to create links with AutoCAD: clicking on a person or object on a schematic will then open a link containing all relevant information.

The module can be adapted per group of users by configuring access privileges to fields and functions. You can also specify any original procedures for the changing and creating of data using the workflow module. Any functionalities specific to your organization can be added on request. Property management is back to being accessible and fun!

Key Features:

Digital File: An up-to-date overview of all relevant details such as addresses, geographical locations, year of construction, ownership, floor space and occupancy rate. Documents including CAD schematics, permits, tax returns and valuations, photos and drawings are directly available on the internet.

Service Desk: Tenants will be able to report errors or make reservations on the web. Tasks will be automatically generated for internal and external services. You will be able to keep track of these costs, pass them on and invoice for them. Availability: Each space has its own calendar displaying maintenance and cleaning activities and reservations. You’ll be able to check whether a meeting room is available and add your meeting to that calendar. Each space can be linked to tenants and rental contracts costs can be recharged based on square footage.

Budgets: One or more budgets can be created for each property. Maintenance costs, energy costs and cleaning costs can then be booked onto the budget, with you being able to review the current situation at any point in time.

Multiyear Maintenance Planning: Maintenance schedules can be fixed per property. This allows you to calculate the costs of the period to come and automatically generate work orders to carry out the maintenance works. Maintenance can also be postponed without breaking the cycle. In addition, prices can be indexed for specifically planned activities. Our extensive reporting options allow you to report all this information in a layout of your choice. The module also supports project management issues such as relocation.

Letting Accounts: You will be able to generate rent invoices automatically and have them sent off by email. Rent amounts will be calculated automatically based on floor area and price indexing. You’ll be able to list which service charges are applicable for each space. You will also be able to calculate the final statement annually based on the service charges (settlement of service charges). Floor plans are also easy to manage and access.