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The Axxerion GIS integration module helps you to keep track of property locations and analyze your geographical coverage. The GIS integration works with free maps provided by Google Maps and ESRI ArcGIS. Property locations and parcel shapes are displayed on a street map or on a topographic map, and you can quickly switch between map types. The thematic mapping functions enable you to set the color of markers and shapes based on different parameters such as occupancy, energy usage or sales status.

Key Features:

Display Locations: Property locations are displayed as markers on a map. You can specify a different marker shape for each property or property type. This gives you a visual impression of the geographical coverage of your property portfolio.

Graphical Navigation: You can quickly find a property with the pan and zoom options on the map. When you point at a property, a window with key information is displayed. When you click on the symbol the property data sheet opens.

Display Parcel Boundaries: One parcel can include multiple properties, and one property can include multiple parcels. You can graphically show the parcel boundaries on a map by entering the GPS coordinates of parcel corners, the line style and the color.

Thematic Mapping: Parcels and property markers can be colored based on a user-defined color scheme. You can define colors based on different parameters such as ownership, market value or occupancy rate. You can quickly switch between different color schemes.

Selecting Views: You can specify a default map view, for example the street view, satellite view or the topographic view. You can optionally define secondary views and switch views with one mouse click.

Selecting Maps: Google Maps and ESRI ArcGIS are currently supported as map providers. These maps are free of charge and no additional license is needed. More detailed maps with demographic information or soil composition can be licensed from map providers.