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Energy consumption is almost always linked to sustainability - it’s an omnipresent theme. This module will contribute to heightening your awareness of and insight into energy management. All relevant kinds of meters and periodically recordable meter readings can be logged in the system. Reports can then be generated on energy consumption and costs and trends can be analysed. All relevant types of meters can be logged in Axxerion as an inventory item and you can also register general details such as the type of meter, the model and the serial number. Meters can be attached to a property, a space or a machine, but also to a contract, for example, or an energy supplier. In addition, meter readings can be periodically recorded.

Some examples of meter readings are: energy consumption (gas, electricity and water), but also the operational hours of a machine, the decrease of the amount of cups of coffee from the coffee machine, the mileage of a vehicles or pulse rate.

Recording meter readings and the date on the value was recorded allows for consumption over a certain period to be recorded. Our effective reporting tools can also be used to chart energy consumption per time unit in a visual representation.

Key Features:

Notifications: The system can be configured to notify the relevant individuals by email at predetermined times regarding meter readings that need to be submitted.

Meter Readings Online: Because Axxerion is a web-based solution, meter readings can be submitted online per property with you having direct and central access to the data.

Pass on Charges: In addition to recording meter readings, you can also attach a price per unit to those meters, allowing for rate to be calculated and the charges to be passed on (internally).

Maintenance: The amount of operational hours of a machine, for example, can be used to project when its next maintenance inspection out to take place. The relevant work order(s) will then be generated automatically.

Charts: Actual values, or meter readings, can be charted against one or more configurable threshold values, e.g. normal, warning and critical. Actual values are shown on a scaled meter with a needle.