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Most organizations manage and share their documents using shared folders or publish them on the internal network. Our document management module goes one step further, offering version management, revision management, access control, reviewing and commenting features. Our module is entirely integrated with workflow management, supporting approval, publication, archiving and printing procedures. The module can be adapted to any group of users by configuring the access privileges to fields and functionalities. You will be able to specify your own procedures for the creation and editing of data using the workflow module.

Key Features:

Revision and Version Management: A revision management system ensures that only one individual can make changes at a given point in time. After the user has checked out the document it will remain locked to changes until it is checked back in. After a document has been altered, previous versions will stay available. Users can review or download older versions of documents and review comments. A record is kept for each document, recording when newer versions were made, a version was downloaded or the document was viewed.

Exporting: Documents are exported into a format that can be viewed in a web browser, such as PDF or JPEG, allowing users without the software to review or print the document. Access privileges can be configured to only allow users access to the exported / converted version.

Search: The search engine can also be used for texts inside the document if that document has been scanned using text recognition.

Folders and Links: A document can be placed in several folders; folders can be placed into other folders as sub-folders. A document can be linked to other documents, properties or inventory items. These links can be used for CAD reference files or to link stylesheets to HTML documents.

Notifications: A distribution list can be drawn up for each document or folder. If a document has been changed or a new document has been created in a folder, the relevant individuals will receive an email notification.

Highlighting: Users can add highlights and comments to a document. If the cursor is moved over the highlighted area, the text, author and date of the comment will be displayed. You will be able to review (high res) scanned documents in a web browser and annotate them. You will be able to zoom in and out and scroll through the document without having to download the file.

Security: Access privileges to documents, and even to specific folders and sub-folders, can be configured per user group. Access privileges way also be linked to the status of a workflow.