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An effective customer relations operation hinges on a good system in which you can manage, edit and analyse all information pertaining to your customers, suppliers and partners. In our CRM module your data is kept in a secure, central place. You will be able to access, edit or supplement your data whenever and wherever you are – at work, at home, or your way.

With our CRM module you can do more than just search for customer details and retrieve interview reports. For example, you can send advertising emails to prospects, find out who reports to who regarding a specific customer or what services or products are offered by a partner. The module can be adapted to any group of users by configuring the access privileges to fields and functionalities. You will be able to specify your own procedures for the creation and editing of data using the workflow module.

Key Features:

Organizational Structure: Users will be able to map relationships between organizations, divisions and department using a hierarchy tool. Contact details such as addresses and phone numbers are automatically used by underlying levels if they have not be specified not to be. Individuals may hold several positions at various organizations or departments. A separate contact can be created for each position with specific contact details. Address details are managed in a central location and can be linked to individuals, organizations or buildings. This way address changes need only be logged in one place.

Interactions: Users can keep track of all available forms of interaction: phone conversations, letters, visitation reports, minutes. You will be able to link specific tasks to each interaction. You can also request a status overview of all open and executed tasks per interaction.

Following Leads: Users will be able to manage leads and monitor turnover, probability, decision period and any commissions. You will be able to promptly generate considered averages regarding turnover per customer, partner or account manager. You can also group leads into categories (by sector or postal code), after which you can generate various report which could help the decision-making process.

Quotations: Users will be able to generate quotations, send them off by email or evaluate the status of quotations online. By designing and organizing any workflows yourself, you can ensure the quotation process proceeds in a consistent and structured manner.

Lists and Advertising: Users can save contacts into lists. Should you wish to send a certain group a weekly or monthly newsletter, then you need only select that list. These lists can also be used to print labels or send a survey.