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It’s highly likely you often have to deal with all sorts of contracts: for employees, letting or rental agreements, purchasing contracts and maintenance. Do you have a clear overview of all the terms and conditions and periods of notice? You can save costs by ensuring invoicing and payments happen on time and that contracts are extended or terminated in time. Axxerion’s contract management module allows you to manage information on clauses, terms of payment and expiration dates. You can also link clauses to the original text using a scanned digital version of the contract.

The module can be adapted to any group of users by configuring the access privileges to fields and functionalities. You will be able to specify your own procedures for the creation and editing of data using the workflow module. Functions specific to your organization can be added on request.

Key Features:

Categories: You can create different categories, for instance for employment contracts, rental contracts, leasing contracts, licensing contracts, etc. Per category you will be able to decide which information needs to be in the system and you’ll be able to generate overviews per category.

Documents: You can attach all sorts of documents to a contract, such as the contract itself, but also letters, correspondences and documentation. You can also save contracts and link them to versions. In this way, different revisions and final versions can always be easily accessed.

Notifications: You’ll be able to draw up a diagram including important dates, e.g. for periods of notice, payments, and extensions. For each date or category you’ll be able to indicate the frequency and the number of days before the date that you’d like to be sent a reminder (by email, text, etc.).

Summaries and Clauses: Incoming contracts can be scanned, allowing for important clauses and dates to be highlighted, making searching easier and giving you an overview of key clauses and dates.

Indexing: Contracts can be indexed automatically. A deviating index can be listed for certain items in a contract, e.g. allowing rent price to rise but omitting service charges. Indexation can take place in three ways: index figure, percentage or price modification. Applying the right filter will only retrieve the contracts that require indexation in a certain period. A contract history is also kept, recording old and new values.

Creating Contracts and Invoicing: Using our contract templates, input parameters and clause library you will be able to draw up contracts easily and save and send them in PDF or Word document format. Prices, reductions, dates and invoicing periods can be listed per contract item. This manner of automatic contract generation saves time and prevents errors.