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If you have existing CAD schematics of a building, you will be able to use them to automatically create spaces and sections in Axxerion. This goes to saving time and preventing errors. Using hyperlinks within a CAD schematic you can create links to spaces, individuals and inventory items within Axxerion, allowing you to access an item from inside a schematic. Several color palettes can be attached to a schematic, allowing you to make a floor plan on a departmental basis, use of space or occupancy rate.

Key Features:

Reviewing Schematics: DWG and DWF files can be attached to spaces and floors; DWG files will be converted to PDF format automatically. You will be able to review floor plans directly from within a space in Axxerion.

Automatic Generation of Spaces: Using a DWG schematic allows you to automatically generate spaces in Axxerion. You need only attach a hyperlink to the polyline of the space. Sections of spaces are attached automatically.

Calculating Surfaces: The floor area of a space is calculated using the schematic. If a certain polyline should contain a second polyline with the same reference, then both the total floor area and the lettable floor space will be calculated.

Updating Spatial Info: DWG schematics can be re-imported after you have made changes to them. The floor areas are then recalculated, with spaces being generated or removed, depending on the geometry.

Floor Plans: Interactive floor plans can be created without involving the use of CAD software - CAD schematics can be assigned colors based on use or occupancy rate.

Gross Floor Area, Net Floor Area, Lettable Floor Space: If you have existing CAD schematics, you can use them to automatically create spaces and sections in Axxerion, also displaying information such as gross floor area, net floor area, or lettable floor space.

Hyperlinks to Objects: Objects in Axxerion can be accessed directly via hyperlinks within schematics. This function can be used to review data information about the supplier or about the number of work orders still open.

NEN-2580: Rent calculations can be made according to the NEN-2580 code, e.g. for general spaces, traffic areas, etc.