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Using Axxerion, you’ll be able to ensure contracting procedures for goods and services run more efficiently. Whether it’s multiple negotiated contracts, European contracts, national public tenders, etc. A tender consists of a summary, documentation, schematics and a list of goods and services. Selected suppliers will receive an email and will be able to list their prices and bid on the tender. The various bids will be shown in a clear diagram and you will able to create purchase orders or work orders for one or several suppliers. Our module can also be used for auctions or e-auctions.

Key Features:

Digital Contracting: You will be able to put together a detailed list of specifications, units, amounts and aiming prices based on a catalog. Documents can be added with supply conditions and detailed specifications.

Selection of Suppliers: you will be able to select suppliers have been invited to issue a bid. Selection can be based on region, qualifications or customer-specific criteria. Suppliers will receive an email containing the link to the tender.

Online Invitation: You will be able to create a standard email to invite contractors / suppliers. By making use of the parameters, you can take information from the tender directly.

Easy Bidding: Contractors / suppliers will be able to list prices, download documentation or turn down a tender. In the case of auctions, the highest or lowest bid will be displayed.

Quick Comparison and Selection: No more paperwork or spreadsheets. Bids are displayed in a diagram per item and supplier, allowing you to easily compare prices. You may even select items from individual suppliers.

Easy Confirmation: Bids can be automatically converted into purchase orders or work orders and thus award the contract. You can even award components of the tender to a variety of contractors based on the price of each item in the tender.