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It is often case that superfluous inventory purchases, for inventory available elsewhere within the organization, lead to unnecessary costs. It can also be the case that hiring contracts can be extended unnecessarily even though the equipment is no longer in use.

Our asset management module allows you to fully manage your physical and digital inventory, such as software licenses, computers, furniture and vehicles. You will be able to keep track of maintenance costs and see who the users are. The module can be adapted to any group of users by configuring the access privileges to fields and functionalities. You will be able to specify your own procedures for the creation and editing of data using the workflow module. Functions specific to your organization can be added on request.

Key Features:

Categories and Fields: You will be able to create categories to order the inventory and catalog. catalog items can be arranged into several categories. You will also be able to create specific fields for categories. The ‘computer’ category will for example contain fields such as ‘memory’ and ‘disc size’, to only save information relevant to computers.

Catalog: The catalog allows you to manage descriptions, prices and other information concerning items that need to be ordered. You can link inventory items to items in the catalog, allowing to see to where such an item is used in your organization.

Digital File: All documents relating to a certain item can be saved and reviewed online, e.g. manuals, licensing agreements, photos or instruction videos.

Distribution: You will be able to track the status of each and every company resource to see who has used it and ensure that any costs are passed on. If someone leaves the organizations, you will be able to ensure all company goods are returned.

Maintenance: Each item can be linked to one or more maintenance schedules, meter readings or reserve parts. Timely maintenance saves costs and prevents malfunctions. You will be able to plan maintenance in a preventive and pre-emptive manner and keep an eye on the total amount spent on maintenance as well the duration thereof. You will be able to see when the warranty expires and prevent repair costs due to ignorance as to warranty validity.

Operational Costs: All costs of depreciation, maintenance and operation will be tracked. This allows you to compare total cost of ownership between resources and find out where costs can be saved.