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Where numbers and figures are concerned, precision and detail is everything. The tiniest miscalculation can have colossal effects. Our financial management module goes towards enabling user to become more in control where the pocket book is concerned. You can use our module to process budgets, turnover and costs of projects, properties and inventory. You will also be able to set up an account system, create budget codes and set VAT rates. You can in fact do all your bookkeeping via Axxerion. You will be able to manage an infinite number of accounts, including rent accounts, etc.

Invoices and orders can be approved within the module, with users able to assign bank account numbers for further processing in the ledger. You will also be able to export data to a financial system or generate a balance and loss and profit account.

The module can be adapted to any group of users by configuring the access privileges to fields and functionalities. You will be able to specify your own procedures for the creation and editing of data using the workflow module. Functions specific to your organization can be added on request.

Key Features:

Purchase Invoices: Incoming invoices can be logged in the system, where the original invoice is then saved as an attachment. After the invoice has been approved, it can be booked. Users can even authorize suppliers to submit invoices into the system directly to avoid any paperwork. No longer will invoices lie around the department: the system will instantly send them to whoever needs to approve them. In this way all your records will be completely digitized.

Sales Invoices: Sales invoices can be generated automatically (for example using the contracts module). After the invoice has been approved, it can be sent off by email in a PDF file, after which the invoice can be booked.

Exchange Rate and VAT: All amounts are entered in local currency and automatically converter based on exchange rates. Previous exchange rates can be saved. In addition, users can log the names and percentages of VAT rates into the system, which will be used in various modules.

Payments: Users can log balance statements, log payments for invoices and create a ClieOp file for electronic payments. Users can also to link a single payment to several invoices or vice versa.

Profit and Loss Account: profit and loss accounts can be generated based on turnover and costs that have been booked. The final amounts of a ledger account can automatically be moved on to the opening balance. After all accounts, cash and bank entries have been processed, you will be able to generate a balance sheet.

Budgets: You will be able to simultaneously manage multiple budgets, e.g. a general annual budget and a number of project budgets. Each budget item can be compared to the cost estimate.