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In a critical compliance system where employees spend a majority of their working day, where the vast majority of their information is stored, the inefficiencies and costs associated with locating relevant, contextual, and related information are intolerable. Further, these costs don’t include failures or disasters, they simply reflect the everyday costs, paid mostly by the users.

By providing good search and retrieval capabilities for archived messages, AXS-One not only saves you money, but adds even greater value:

Centralized Management: Transforms the messaging system from an individual information store into a corporate asset — all content storage and management across the entire enterprise are centralized and controllable from a single-point-of-access interface

Granular Administration: Administrative control is specified at several levels allowing dispersed management of content storage according to security, content type, and retention requirements

Content in Context: Email, IM, and supporting business content are logically accessible and categorized, providing efficient discovery and litigation support, knowledge management, and fosters a proactive decision process

Risk Management: Reducing the risk of losing critical documents, reduces the risk of penalties imposed by regulatory and legal requirements such as those imposed by SEC, NASD, and other governing commissions if documents are not monitored and archived in compliance with regulations.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Enterprise Content Management:

"Enterprise Content Management" is part of the AXS-One Compliance Management line of products, developed by AXS-One.

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