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A developer of business management software.

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AXS-One provides e-financials and web-based self-service solutions. AXS-One has a proven track record in developing robust, high-volume, scalable, secure, and effective e-business and financial solutions. Its three divisions are focused on specific markets and are based on the companies work-flow centered software.

The three divisions are:

  • AXS-One which sells its e-financial solutions
  • AXSPoint Solutions which offers a robust enterprise content management technology through partnership channels
  • Tivity which provides professional services automation technology with the companies financial applications

System Integration firms that are looking to add an award winning information exchange and business transactions among companies, employees, suppliers, and partners – completely integrated and automated with their business processes or that need to improve their utilization of knowledge workers with a professional automation solution, will find that AXS-One’s solutions are both simplifies and adds value to your organization.

The AXSPoint technology suite is a combination of a dynamic content generation product and process automation (workflow) software that controls information delivery on an intranet, the Internet or extranets. The Tivity suite is the PSA focused solution that integrates with AXS-One’s workflow and financial applications.

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AXS-One offers an information presentment engine for enterprise information management, electronic self-service, electronic bill presentment and payment – all supported by an award-winning workflow and rules-based security applications. It enhances application integration, business process automation, corporate content management, knowledge management, and e-customer relationship initiatives. AXSPoint’s technology offers your organization a means to open new windows of opportunity and greater revenue potential.

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