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Save a ton of time with Axon’s trucking invoice software. In Axon, invoices get generated automatically as you use the applications!

“When you have four different systems, you have to create something four different times. Axon has helped us by streamlining the process. Once you’ve created an order in the system, it doesn’t go away. When the order has been finished, it’s been invoiced. So you don’t have to enter customer information into a dispatch system, and then put a dispatch system into an invoicing system, and then from invoicing into a financial system to create financial statements which we had to do before.” – Walter Wellborn, Augusta Transportation Inc.

When you enter Orders, Trips, Tickets, Work Orders, Purchase Orders, or anything else that should be tied to an invoice. Axon trucking invoice software will apply the correct information and create that corresponding invoice. You can also create your own manual invoices, or set up a recurring invoice (to be automatically generated every certain period of time, like a monthly power bill). Meanwhile, journal entries are being recorded appropriately, your General Ledger is automatically maintained, your financial statements are being updated in Real-Time, and you can get reports on any part of it! Both payables and receivable invoices are neatly filed away in the system, ready to be pulled up at a moment’s notice with Axon’s powerful search filters. You can quickly and easily find any invoice that you wish to examine, edit, pay, or apply a check to.

“Everything is done automatically, whereas before we would have to post everything into each individual area to get our General Ledger out properly. [Before Axon] four different people would have to handle an invoice before it went out of the office. It was just way too time-consuming.” – Russ Richards, Richards Transport Ltd.

Recurring Invoices

Recurring Invoices help simplify manual Invoices that occur on a regular basis by entering the information once on a master Invoice which can be copied over and over again. You can generate a batch of recurring Invoices by giving them all the same Recurring Group name

Quick Payment

You’re in a hurry to get a check in the mail and don’t have time to do a full check run. What do you do? The Quick Payment option is a convenient way to issue a check at short notice as it generates an invoice and a check simultaneously. Quick Payments are included in the Supplier history, so there’s no risk of losing track of the payment.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Invoicing:

"Invoicing" is part of the AXON line of products, developed by Axon Development Corporation.