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Document imaging lets you save a wide variety of documents — a digital photograph, a scanned photograph or document that you have saved on your computer, a spreadsheet, or a .PDF file.

Attachements ScreenYou can attach documents or images to your Business Partners, Equipment, Employees, Orders or Work Orders database. This means that you can add a photograph of your tractors to your Equipment file or include a scanned copy of a bill of lading with your Order. You can even attach a photograph or an invoice to your work orders. It’s easy using Axon software.

You can save small files directly in the Axon database by using the ‘Embed Image Data’ button. But embedding larger documents isn’t practical as it would make the database too large and unwieldy. In this case, the software allows you to ‘Link to Image’, thereby creating a path to the file instead of storing the actual file in the Axon system. In both cases, you save your images to a common computer/server or folder so that all the staff have access.

Depending on the type of file, you may be able to view a thumbnail image in the Attachments tab. In other cases, you will need to double click on the item to view it.

Automatic attachments

It is so convenient to be able to attach documents or photographs to your Orders, Trips, Tickets, or Jobs. And it becomes even simpler if you ask Axon to attach them automatically.

You will need to use the trucking transaction number as a prefix in your document names, but Axon will take care of the rest.

Custom columns

You can manually attach documents to a custom column that you have added to one of your screens.


If you choose Attachments as one of your Dispatching fields, you will be able to tell at a glance if there are any attachments for one of your Orders, Jobs, or Tickets.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Document Imaging:

"Document Imaging" is part of the AXON line of products, developed by Axon Development Corporation.