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Dispatch Software For Over The Road and Oilfield Trucking

Quickly access the status of orders, trucks, trailers and drivers with an easy to follow display of color-coded timelines, detail balloons and quick lists that instantly provide your dispatcher with the information they need to do their job in an extremely efficient manner. Information from order processing, dispatch, driver pay and financial reporting flows from dispatch to accounting in a true one-entry experience.

  • Axon’s Truck Dispatch Software— makes it easy for you to see where your trucks are, what drivers are available, and whether you are on schedule or running behind with some of your trips.
  • Equipment and order status are color coded, making it easy for you to see at a glance what equipment is available or what orders are dispatched, completed, or overdue.
  • Enter new orders and retrieve information easily. Use your mouse to move quickly and efficiently around the dispatching screen by clicking, double clicking, or right clicking on specific items. For example, right clicking on an order allows you to enter a new order, driver call ins, or equipment/driver/carrier options.

Map Orders and Equipment

Look at a written list of orders, and your mind turns fuzzy. But look at them on a map, and you immediately see the connections. Check out the screenshot below and you’ll see that there’s a cluster of Orders and Equipment in Western Canada, while several of our Tractors are making long-haul trips to the southern United States. Additional information is just a mouse-click away. Works great for all types of trucking companies.

  • Give me the details – Click on an Origin or Destination, and a pop-up window provides you with the Name and Address of the Shipper and the Consignee. Click on a Tractor or a Trailer, and the Name of the Equipment will be displayed. If you have lots of Other Orders or Other Equipment at the same spot on the map, the pop-up window will list them so that you can review each of them in turn.
  • Make the connection– Hover your mouse over the Origin of an Order, and the Destination symbol will start bouncing. And vice versa. You can also draw the route between the Origin and Destination of a shipment.
  • What’s nearby? – The Show Orders Around and Show Equipment Around options give you the opportunity to locate other Orders or Equipment within a certain radius.

Equipment status

Axon Dispatch is designed to make it easy for you to review your equipment options. You set your own status descriptions (e.g. Available, Driving, Out of Service), and then use these options to record the current status of each piece of equipment. Each of these options is color coded. So when you go to the truck dispatch screen, it is easy to see what equipment is available for a particular trip. And, again, you choose the colors that you prefer for each status option. You can even change the status of a tractor or trailer from the dispatching screen by right clicking on the equipment name and choosing Set Status.

PCMiler/Mapping provides a visual display of the route between two places or the location of a company. The Mapping feature is tied in with PCMiler’s mileage and routing calculations providing you with up-to-the-minute information for dispatch and operational analysis.

With software controlled fuel downloads, direct deposits and document imaging your trucking company will run like the well oiled machine you once envisioned. Add mileage and routing connectivity and your IFTA reporting nightmares will soon disappear.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Dispatch:

"Dispatch" is part of the AXON line of products, developed by Axon Development Corporation.