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Handy Financial Snapshot of Your Trucking Business

The Executive Briefing provides a summary of your company’s financial situation to help you pinpoint problem areas or unexpected results. Once you have this information, you can dig deeper to obtain more detailed information using Axon reports – the Income Statement, the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Reports, or the Order Master Report.

“The Executive Briefing is a great tool. I run it probably two or three times a day because I’m always looking at the cash balance to see if we’ve written checks and where we stand on Accounts Receivable. I have my sales there, and there are certain general ledger accounts that are important to us and it’s easier to use it right there than trying to print a trial balance or look up an account activity. So it is a very beneficial tool” – Bob Glownia, R. B. Humphries Inc.

Axon’s Executive Briefing makes it easy for you to obtain the information you need.

Financial Overview

At a glance, you can see:

  • Net Profit/Loss YTD
  • Net Profit/Loss Month-To-Date
  • Outstanding Payables and Receivables broken down by aging periods (e.g. Current, over 30 days)
  • Outstanding Orders – number and revenue broken down by status (e.g. Completed, Overdue)
  • Account Balances (with actual figures for the current and previous months as well as a line graph documenting the highs and lows of the past 12 months
  • Current and Customizable

The Executive Briefing is customizable. You choose the items and accounts that you want to be able to review at a glance so that you have the information you need to manage your company effectively.

The Executive Briefing is automatically updated once a day, and you can update it manually at any time. As the Executive Briefing is completely integrated with the dispatching and accounting information, you can have access to the most recent information – payments received in the morning’s mail or new Orders placed a minute ago.

Financial Statements

Axon helps you set up your financial statements (e.g. income statement, balance sheet) when you start using the system. In addition, you are given the tools to make changes or create new financial statements.

Income statements and balance sheets can be printed for any period of any year, at any time. You can design a variety of financial statements and schedules to suit very specific needs, summarizing or detailing information to suit the reader.

The Financial Statements Table helps you to lay out the columns of your report. You select the order in which the information will be displayed, and you can also set up columns for comparison years in order to compare your current financial information with that of previous years.

You can modify the content of your financial statements using the Financial Statements Specifications screen. You can select the information you want to include, the balances and totals (e.g. total of all your income accounts) to be included, and the layout of your report (e.g. page breaks between the assets, liability and equity sections of your balance sheet).

All reports can be sent to a printer, screen, or text file, making it easy to insert your reports into other company documents, or management tools, such as spreadsheets and graphing programs.

The GL can be printed in detail, by account, for any or all accounts, and for any period or group of periods, providing you with a powerful reconciliation and auditing tool. Information flows into the General Ledger automatically, and in Real-Time, from other applications (e.g. Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable programs).

Cash Flow Statement

Axon’s Cash Flow Statement makes it easy for you to assure potential investors or creditors of your company’s short-term financial viability.

Ready To Go

The Cash Flow Statement is just one of the many financial reports that are set up and ready for you to use. All you need to do is enter the appropriate start and end dates.


Axon staff can help you customize your Statement based on three Cash Flow Types – Financing, Investing, and Operations. They can also help you establish the presentation format for your report.

Multiple Bank Accounts

You can set up multiple bank accounts. You may have one account for your savings and another for your day-to-day expenses. Or you may have both American and Canadian bank accounts. It’s your choice. The Bank rec. is great! Before, this used to take our accountnat two days to do; now I am done in 45 minutes – Rachelle Oosterhuis, All Points Freight Inc.

Default Bank Accounts

You can select a bank account to be your standard choice when writing a check or depositing a payment. This information will then fill in automatically on the Receivables >> Payments and Credits screen or the Payables >> Checks screen.

You can select one default bank account for each currency your company uses.

Direct Deposit

Pay your bills – or pay your employees – using direct deposit. It’s efficient, saving you both time and money as you no longer have to print checks or send them in the mail.

Axon software manages direct deposit payments for Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Owner Operator pay. The software is designed to handle direct deposits through a variety of banks and we are constantly adding new interfaces.

Axon supports US direct deposits through ACH (national Automated Clearing House).Save yourself the time and bother of printing and mailing a check — use direct deposit instead.

The Direct Deposit option helps you to pay business partners or employees by direct deposit. Printed check stubs fit neatly into window envelopes ready to be mailed to your suppliers or employees.

Bank Reconciliation

The Bank Reconciliation screen makes it easy for you to enter miscellaneous transactions (e.g. service fees and interest) and to check off cleared checks, deposits, factoring transactions, and journal entries.

Problem Solving

The online documentation will help you to resolve any problems you may encounter. Your options include:

  • How do I transfer funds between Home and Foreign bank accounts?
  • How do I handle credit card payments?
  • Why doesn’t my foreign bank account balance match my actual bank balance?

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounting:

"Accounting" is part of the AXON line of products, developed by Axon Development Corporation.