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Ajera recognizes that archicture and engineering firms primarily have two types of incoming invoices; those that are project related with cost and revenue implications and those that are general overhead. The Accounts Payable (AP) feature in Ajera automates the processing of these invoices and provides comprehensive data capture, customized vendor grouping, instant payables analysis and payment scheduling directly from the Dashboard.

Ajera simplifies the invoicing process with a very important time saver - no more entering information into multiple places. Once you have entered everything related to a project into the system, invoices become an automatic product of the entries made. Ajera provides not only industry specific invoice formats, but also the flexibility to customize invoices to meet your needs and client requirements:

  • Enter unlimited line items
  • Each line item can be charged to project/phase/activity or directly to GL Account
  • Alerts when consultant invoices exceed budget
  • Enter expenses for future project billings
  • Expenses charged to projects automatically assign appropriate billing rates AND are ready to bill
  • Produce 1099’s Automatically

See all of your accounts payable directly from the Dashboard to determine who you want to pay:

  • Pay by check, EFT, or debit card
  • Easily write-off vendor invoices
  • Quickly see vendors, invoices and line item charges to determine whom to pay
  • Eliminate manual tracking to determine when and how much to pay subconsultants
  • Add the Pay When Paid report to your Dashboard for quick viewing

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"Accounts Payable" is part of the ajeraComplete line of products, developed by Axium.

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