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A web‑based software system designed by Avatar Systems for agriculture/forestry/fishing/mining and manufacturing companies.
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RAPID (Remote Access Private Integrated Datalink) is and Application Service Provider (ASP). Since RAPID is an ASP, it is hosted by Avatar for a recurring fee. RAPID performs all of the same functions as the Avatar 400 software, without the large purchase fee, making it ideal for your small to medium sized business.

The advantages to an ASP like RAPID are numerous.

  • You will never have to buy new software because of a needed update. Since RAPID is a hosted solution by AVATAR, all updates are performed by AVATAR, requiring no changes be made on your part.
  • RAPID can be accessed anywhere. Unlike “in-house“ systems RAPID is accessed via the Internet making it accessible by any one of your companies employees, located anywhere in the world
  • There is no need for you to worry about your hardware capabilities. ”In-house“ systems typically require very powerful servers to both store information and allow multiple concurrent users to edit data. RAPID, being a hosted solution, however does not require any additional hardware upgrades other than an Internet connection.
  • RAPID serves as a ”try it before you buy it“ program. RAPID is virtually the same program as the Avatar 400 system at a fraction of the cost. If you decide that you like RAPID and want to move the program onsite all you have to do is upload your existing RAPID data to the Avatar 400 system and you are ready to continue using the program as normal.

For a more detailed description of the functions and applications of RAPID, view the Avatar400 product profile.

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