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Petroware2000 also features an incredibly versatile General Ledger, that is suited perfectly to the unique needs of the petroleum industry. With the G/L you are not required to have a hard monthly closing, allowing you to process month end actions at any point in time, if and when you need it. The easy set up of the Chart of Accounts (COA) assures that the implementation and transition process of moving from one general ledger to another is minimized.

Additionally, you can perform General Ledger Detail Inquiries, allowing you to select data by date range, and search to find posted transactions from any module. This General Ledger Detail Inquiry allows you to easily and efficiently find and gather data for reporting or auditing purposes. Some of the additional features you will receive with the General Ledger application of Petroware2000 are:

  • Alphanumeric look-up windows, makes master file selection an easy and error free process throughout all input screens.
  • Edit feature identifies “out of balance” conditions and forces corrections prior to posting.
  • Prepares financial reports selectively by company and details by Financial Class, Sub Class and/or department center; by using the one-click Drill-Down to view
  • Produces financial reports for comparative reports for Current year vs. Budget and up to three prior years.
  • Allows you to view monthly account balance/status inquiry for Current year, Budget and past three years.
  • Allows you to perform Inter-Company transfers to separate entities.
  • Prepares Inter-account fund transfers.
  • Provides recurring journal entry creation, release and auto-reversing.

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"General Ledger" is part of the Petroware2000 line of products, developed by Avatar Systems.

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