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The accounts payable module within PetroWare2000 allows you to perform several functions uniquely useful to your company, and others like yours dealing with petroleum. To save time Petroware2000 has you enter all payables in the same screen; meaning General Payables, Administrative Payables, and Well Charges are all entered in the same place. In fact with Petroware2000, the accounts payable requires no multiple screen entry or viewing necessary whatsoever. All Invoices can be allocated at the lease, well, or specific owner level; which will let the system do all the breakdowns automatically, and save you time. Additional features found in the accounts payable module are:

  • Allows you to set up automatic step-down allocation from lease to well
  • Calculates trade discounts and term calculations.
  • Holds or partially pays invoices by vendor, invoice or invoice line item.
  • Automatic calculation of share when gross (8/8ths) amounts are entered.
  • The ability to forces invoice line items to equal invoice total before invoice exit.
  • Provides re-occurring invoice generation based on user-defined parameters.
  • Automatically allocates costs to joint billed accounts and establishes the investor account receivable when invoice is posted.
  • Forecasts cash requirements by user-defined time periods.
  • Offers status of vendor’s workers comp and general liability insurance coverage and suspends vendor payment if coverage has expired. This feature can be turned on/off by specific vendor.
  • Maintains separate 1099 payment history for all 1099 fields and allows editing.
  • Automatically cross-references a well to its AFE and provides options for pulling of AFE items into joint billing.
  • Offers the ability to enter invoices with multiple well/account line coding all through one screen.
  • Also offers the ability to allocate expenses at the Lease or Well Level.

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