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Avatar400 features both property and financial report writers; as well as many additional report writers incorporated into the individual applications.

Property Report Writers All report writers are completely user defined. The property report places the names and numbers in the left column, the remaining 15 columns can have any data you desire collected in it. The report will print one line per property, with the ability to use the hierarchical features to roll-up. Reports can be printed to paper or to a file on your PC. All revenue amounts can be printed in dollars or columns (or both).

Financial Report Writers The financial reports, like the property reports, are also completely user defined. You are able to decide what order the accounts are printed, and where headings and totals are inserted. Each corporation can have up to 99 formats, allowing you to, for example use one format for in-house, one for the bank, and one for auditors. Financial reports can be printed for individual corporations or a consolidated list of multiple corporations. Each report can contain up to four different periods, each appearing as a separate column on the report allowing for comparisons. Reports can be run for any accounting period past or present.

The following reports can be printed through other applications of Avatar400 * Detailed general ledger * Trial balance * User defined Subledgers * Open Payables report by vendor, property, or general ledger date. * Cash requirements report * Aged accounts payable report * Totals by individual * Detail by individual * Reports that cut off by general ledger date * Statements in detail * Statements by individual, by property * Sales Ledger * Revenue analysis * Revenue suspense * Backup withholding report * Escheat reporting * Allocation report * Suspense report * Prepayment report * G&A budget vs. actual report * User-defined property budget vs. actual report * 12 month budget report * AFE reports by general ledger or occurrence date

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"Report Writers" is part of the Avatar 400 Energy Solution line of products, developed by Avatar Systems.

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