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Accompanying your involvement in the Oil and Gas industries is the need to buy or lease, and manage land. Land is a vital asset when it comes to your industry, and oftentimes the need to use multiple properties causes problems. The Land Management system in Avatar400 is used to effectively control a complex land management environment. The system consists of three parts: the Lease Master Record, the Land Management Inquiry SubSystem, and the Contractual Obligations System.

Lease Master Record You can enter lease information into the lease master record providing you with a single storage space for you to completely all of your pertinent leases. Leases are entered through 16 different screens, only the first 3 of which are required. All leases are assigned seven digit numbers for posting in the accounting system; additionally a 30 character name field and an 18 digit lease reference number are used. All of these fields can be used to search for the lease. Payments generated within the Land Management System are automatically updated and posted in the accounting system.

Land Management Inquiry Subsystem This system allows you to search, sort, and view leases on one of 32 different dimensions. An example of some of these are: Primary Name & Address, Well to Unit, Units, Wells, Districts, Prospects, Fields, Region, Country, Units to district, Lease by Country, Lease by Lessor, etc.

Contractual Obligations System The Contractual Obligations System provides you with one-point storage for all of your contractual obligations. There are 6 screens prompting you for information when entering a contract; however like the Lease Master Record, not all are required. Inquiries can be made into the contract database as well.

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