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The joint interest billing process in Avatar400 can be run as many times in a month as you desire. When running the Joint Interest Billing process, only entries that have not been disbursed (at the time of running) will be selected. The Joint Interest Billing process automatically updates accounts receivables when it is run.

The JIB system will:

  • Print a detailed invoice for each own and each property they participate in.
  • Print a summary statement for each owner, showing all the properties they are involved in.
  • Allow you to setup multiple divisions of interest for expense groups defined by you and your staff.
  • Allow you to suspend JIBs for legal or minimum amount reasons.
  • Allow you to net JIBs against the revenue by property or in total for all properties
  • Allow you to provide a 150 character description for each entry on the JIB
  • Take entered prepayments and apply them against the JIB by types of charges
  • Automatically reverse expenses entered to the wrong division of interest, to the correct one; regardless of whether or not the charges have been billed
  • Allow you to hold charges in Work-In-Progress until you decide to bill it out on completion.

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"Joint Interest Billing" is part of the Avatar 400 Energy Solution line of products, developed by Avatar Systems.

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