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The Avatar400 general ledger allows you to keep 12 months open at a time. Additionally, you can keep another 12 months prior to the last closed accounting period. Once you close an accounting period, you can open it up again and make adjusting entries. This is done by simply changing one corporate control record. These prior period adjustments can also be made into closed fiscal years. Transactions older than 12 months are moved into the G/L history files; they can then be inquired into, or printed on history reports. Upon making entries into the general ledger, the system automatically calculates your company’s share of the expenses, allowing you to run reports at any point in time. With this module you have the ability to:

  • See entries at the detail or balance level
  • Keep two years of detail in the current general ledger detail file
  • Balance records from inception-to-date
  • Create multiple reports, with the flexible reporting capabilities found in Avatar400
  • Keep multiple accounting months open at the same time
  • Make prior period adjustments into current or closed years

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"General Ledger" is part of the Avatar 400 Energy Solution line of products, developed by Avatar Systems.

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