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Avanti Software

A developer of business management software designed for enterprise organizations.

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Integrated Employee Management Solutions

Avanti software makes clients far more effective and efficient in managing vital employee information. Our exclusive focus is integrated employee management solutions:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Payroll
  • Time & Attendance

Streamline & Strategize

We serve leading Canadian enterprises that want the best tools to streamline current operations and strategize for the future.

Dramatic Time Savings

Avanti dramatically reduces the amount of time and stress normally associated with essential assignments, such as running payroll and managing benefit programs, even for companies with thousands of employees and complicated pay grids. Based on single source data entry for all modules, Avanti frees clients from having to rely on a patchwork of disconnected spreadsheets that are at constant risk of errors, time-consuming to maintain and unable to provide a proper audit trail.

Efficiency & Cost Advantages

Avanti is the only provider offering all 3 modules in one fully integrated database leading to significant efficiency and cost advantages over other options, including outsourced systems. Because Avanti is an in-house solution, clients have complete and immediate access to data.

Unrivaled Reporting & Forecasting

The software’s integrated report engine allows clients to easily retrieve and organize data into intelligent reports that fit the exact needs of individual businesses and readily identify trends, determine recruitment and training needs, and design retention strategies.

Leading Functionality & Flexibility

Our software leads the field in functionality and flexibility. Where other solutions require expensive custom programming or time-consuming and error-prone workarounds, Avanti easily handles complex requirements as routine, automated tasks.

Approachable & Responsive

We are an approachable and responsive team of software developers, and experts in payroll and human resources. When any questions arise, clients speak to a real person intimately familiar with the software’s capabilities, not with a middleman reseller or a help desk recording promising a future call back.

Serving Canadian Business Since 1980

Avanti is Canada’s most experienced workforce software company. The strength of our software has been demonstrated at hundreds of client installations in dozens of industry sectors since 1980. Avanti is the leader in employee management solutions.

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Market Focus

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