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Avanti Computer Systems

A developer of business management software.

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Avanti Computer Systems is a leader in the print management software industry. The firm was founded by Dr. Richard Wallin, who received his engineering degree from MIT and his doctorate from the University of Massachusetts. Through a process of constant innovation, Avanti has been satisfying the needs of commercial and in-plant customers since 1984. To date, over 400 systems have been successfully installed throughout North America.

The Avanti solution is comprehensive, user-friendly and integrated, capable of being run on standalone, single user sites and networks encompassing hundreds of users. Users can access the system via a LAN, intranet or the Web. Where the client’s needs are highly specific, Avanti can quickly and economically design a customized solution.

Product Lines

  • Avanti's Management Systems

    A multi-module management system designed by Avanti Computer Systems for management & administrative support companies.

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