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The Workflow Automation System includes 4 modules designed to send “Notices” to the correct groups of Users when certain events occur. It also has a variety of tools intended to help system administrators manage who has or has not completed their respective tasks, including the ability to “lock” Users who have exceeded the allowable window (“Locking” a User prevents Menu access until s/he has completed the task).

Notice Groups

Each record in the Notice Groups module defines a group of Users who should be notified when a certain category of events occur. For example, an “IT” Notice Group might be notified when an employee is hired so that they may arrange for all of the necessary IT considerations. The “Financial Oversight” group might be notified when a Purchase exceeds the authorized Purchase Order.

Notice Setups

Notice Setups are simply templates for the Notices that are issued to Notice Groups. System administrators can modify the text that is sent and set other defaults, such as whether or not Users should be “locked” after a certain number of days, whether the task is “Single User Completion”, whether the Notice should also be sent as emails, and whether the event should execute a custom URL.

Notices / myNotices

Notice records are sent to the respective Notice Group when a predefined event occurs. For each Notice, myNotice records are issued to every User in the Notice Group. Users mark the myNotice as “Complete” once they have accomplished the respective task. System Administrators can view whether some or all of the Users have completed the task, lock incomplete Users to enforce completion, and perform a variety of other administrative actions.

Users can also send Notices to any User or Notice Group directly from most of the records in the system. The recipients receive the message, which also contains a link that, with a single click, takes the recipient back to the record from which the notice was sent.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Workflow Automation System:

"Workflow Automation System" is part of the aACE 4.0 line of products, developed by Avant Garde Information Solutions, LLC.