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The Project & Order Management system contains all of the modules for managing costs and profitability on a per-project or per-order basis. Projects and Orders belong to the same table and are integrated with the rest of the system identically. However, Projects have a budget-centric interface design and Orders have an item-centric interface design. Many companies use both modules in different ways.

Projects & Orders

Projects can be used for billable client Projects as well as for internal projects and budgets. Orders are typically used only for sales orders and not for internal management or budgeting. Both accumulate costs and revenue for transaction level budgeting and profitability analysis.


You can create any number of Estimates for a Project or Order. You can estimate a Project/Order in phases if you wish, or perhaps estimate based on anticipated billing, or perhaps still by delivery date. The use of Estimates varies widely company to company.

Product-based organizations with simple transactions rarely use Estimates. Manufacturing companies creating custom products and professional service companies use them heavily. The use or non-use of this module depends on a company’s individual workflow.


You can create any number of Jobs for a Project or Order. The structure of Jobs will often mimic the structure of Estimates as defined by your specific workflow. Jobs serve as budgeting/cost management component of Projects and Orders.


Task records are to-dos for users. They are attached to Jobs and can be created on the fly. They can also be pre-created based on templates.


You can create any number of Shipments for a Project or Order. We can integrate this module with UPS, FedEx, or the shipper of your choice depending on the integration options available to us.


You can create any number of Invoices for a Project or Order. Users can build Invoices manually or use sophisticated tools for constructing the detail based on Estimates or Jobs.

Note: The Project & Order Management system reveals a lot of information about profitability. Those who are not responsible for managing profitability, but rather simply completing the work and meeting budgets, may only need access to the Jobs module. You can accomplish this via the Group/Access Privilege infrastructure.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Project & Order Management:

"Project & Order Management" is part of the aACE 4.0 line of products, developed by Avant Garde Information Solutions, LLC.