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Our ‘Core System’ includes modules necessary for any well-structured application. They are used to control the basic user experience and include:


The Menu is used to navigate the system. It contains “Folders” and “Menu Options”. Folders can contain both other Folders and Menu Options. Clicking a Folder reveals the Folder’s contents. Clicking a Menu Option brings the respective module to the foreground. Which Folders/Menu Options users see can be customized in the Groups module.

The Menu also features handy “bookmark” and “quick-create” options. The bookmark feature allows users to access any module in the system with as few as two clicks and very little wrist movement. The “quick-create” options allow users to create records throughout the day with only a single click. Quick creation options include creating time records, expense records, sales leads, calls, and tasks.


The Dashboard is intended to be a launching point for data users frequently access throughout the day. A user’s access level determines which areas of the Dashboard are visible. By default the first tab contains information about Tasks, Time, Expenses, and Notices. The second tab contains CRM information including Companies, Contacts, and Sales Leads. The third tab contains Project/Order information, and the fourth tab includes financial information including General Ledger Accounts and cash flow expectations.


The Users module contains records for every employee and resource with access to the system. Employee user records are linked to the respective Employee record in the Employees module. Resource user records are not linked to the Employees module, and as such might include automated processes (e.g., “Server 6”) and freelancers. A User’s access level is determined by his or her Group designation.


Users are assigned to Group records. Each Group record contains a Menu Setup section, where system administrators can specify which Menu Folders/Options associated users can see.

Access Privileges

Access Privilege records are associated with a particular action or a set of actions that only some Groups should be allowed to perform. System administrators can specify which Groups have certain privileges and which Groups do not. Changes in these permissions are logged.

Help / Help Management

The Core System includes a sophisticated, contextually sensitive Help System. When users press the help (“?”) icon located throughout the system, they are presented with Help Guides specific to the module they are using. They can also view related Help Guides or search the entire help database. The Help Management module allows system administrators to customize help content without contacting us, the developer.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Core Systems Modules:

"Core Systems Modules" is part of the aACE 4.0 line of products, developed by Avant Garde Information Solutions, LLC.