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The Contact Relationship Management (CRM) portion of the system includes modules for managing relationships with clients, vendors, and other people and organizations relevant to your business.


The Companies module stores records of the various organizations and entities that your company does business with. Each record contains address and billing information.


The Contacts module stores records of the various people that your company does business with. Each record contains contact and mailing information. Contacts can be associated with a Company but do not have to be.

Call History

The Call History module stores a history of Call records. Call records are created from the Menu’s Quick Create Call button. Users select the Company, Contact, and enter notes. They can dispatch the call to the appropriate user and/or Notice Group and even record their time spent on the phone.

CRM Emails

Users have the ability to “cc the system” the way they might “cc their assistant”. Doing so will publish the Email in aACE and attach it to all of the Contact records in the system based on matching email addresses contained anywhere in the email. Users can also forward emails they receive to the system if no reply is required. This method of accommodating email permits any email client, allows users to manage their own privacy, and eliminates unnecessary clutter.

CRM Categories

The CRM Categories module stores records of the various categories of Contacts in the system. You can create CRM Category records for groups (e.g., “Marketing” Contacts) or lists (e.g. “Christmas List“ or “Newsletter 1/25/09”). Each CRM Category can have a designated manager and set reminder dates.

CRM Accounts

The CRM Accounts module stores records of ”accounts“ with clients and vendors. The definition of ”accounts“ in this sense is very flexible. CRM Accounts can be records of actual contracts with performance requirements, or they can simply be a way of managing relationship profitability at a very high level. Each record contains information about the CRM Account, performance requirements, and timeframe. CRM Accounts are also used for auto-billing and auto-purchasing for subscription-like transactions.

CRM Sales Leads

The CRM Sales Leads module manages the sales life cycle from beginning to end. Sales executives can assign dollar values and likelihood to each lead every step of the way, giving management an estimated value of the pipeline weighted by the quality of each lead. To ensure that no one misses an important date, sales executives can assign next steps and schedule reminders.

CRM Sales Quotes

The CRM Sales Quote module stores quotes associated with CRM Sales Leads. Sales executives can create quotes using the system’s product and billing infrastructure. When a Sales Lead is marked as “WON”, the quote becomes the basis for the Project or Order.

CRM Sales Activities

Sales executives populate their leads with activities during their day-to-day workflow. Each activity they enter creates a record in the CRM Sales Activities database. This module allows management to review sales activities for their entire sales force filtered by client, date range, sales executive, and/or many other variables.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Contact Relationship Management (CRM):

"Contact Relationship Management (CRM)" is part of the aACE 4.0 line of products, developed by Avant Garde Information Solutions, LLC.